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Tips for Reading an Academic Paper -- a guide I developed to help seminar students read articles.  (See also Mar Hicks's "Learning How to Read Better" and Paul Edwards's "How to Read a Book".)

Original Courses Developed & Taught

Perspectives on the Networked Press (upper level undergraduate seminar)
A survey of how the production, consumption, circulation, interpretation, and funding of news emerges from networked institutions and sociotechnical systems; students learn histories of news innovation, survey interdisciplinary literatures, and propose design interventions.
Taught: 2013, 2015, 2016  |  Syllabus

Culture of Journalism: Past, Present, & Future (large, required, introductory undergraduate lecture)
A survey of forces driving the politics, professional development, and technological dynamics of American journalism; through personal essays, “alternative histories”, and field reporting, students reflect on the press’s different eras and values.
Taught: 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018  |  Syllabus

Communication & Technology (large, introductory, undergraduate lecture)
A tour of forces driving the design and interpretation of communication technologies; through literature analyses, case studies, group work, and design assignments students learn to interrogate sociotechnical ideals of community, participation, race, gender, identity, politics, journalism, copyright, free speech, reputation, “anti-social” behavior, big data, algorithms, privacy, surveillance, labor, gaming, and cosmopolitanism.
Taught: 2014, 2016  |  Syllabus

Emerging Communication Technologies (small, masters-level seminar)
An advanced version of the “Communication & Technology” course in which mid-career professionals in the Communication Management program learn to critique existing and newly emerging communication technologies in light of their sociotechnical dynamics; assignments and projects complement and contribute to their professional roles and career goals.
Taught: 2015  |  Syllabus

Networked Publics: Theories & Encounters (doctoral seminar)
An intensive tour of how social, political, and technological theories understand “the public”; students analyze historical and contemporary ideals and build theoretically grounded critiques of sociotechnical systems that claim to imagine and realize networked publics.
Taught: 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017  |  Syllabus

Science & Technology Studies for Communication & Media Studies (doctoral seminar, with Christina Dunbar-Hester)
An introduction to theories, methods, and applications of Science and Technology Studies for Communication doctoral students; focuses on how ideals of society become embedded in the artifacts, knowledge work, and boundary infrastructures of communication technologies and institutions.
Taught: 2017, 2018  Syllabus

Media, Algorithms, & Platform Publics: Exploring dynamics of design, creation, and practice (interdisciplinary doctoral workshop, with Colin Maclay)
A research group and workshop-style seminar designed to help graduate students from diverse disciplines envision, design, execute, and disseminate an original research project on a sociotechnical system.
Taught: 2017  Syllabus

Critical Studies of Networked Infrastructure (immersive 2-week doctoral workshop)
An intensive, daily, two-week workshop for Communication PhD students from USC and UPenn; focused on “big data” and algorithms, the workshop uses a mix of literature analysis, case studies, and hands-on experimentation with digital tools to help students design a research proposal that uses infrastructure studies to analyze networked communication systems.
Taught: 2015, 2016  |  Syllabus